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    Default Win a Welding Workbench from Miller

    Our Motorsports Rep, Andy Weyenberg, is in Las Vegas this week at the SEMA Show - the world's largest automotive specialty products event! You can see a collection of videos, photos and news at:

    Check out our show coverage and register to win an ArcStation, Miller's new workbench designed specifically for welders!

    Here's a brief video clip directly from Andy:

    And my two personal favorite auto photos so far:

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    Great, now people are botting for this title. Means my efforts of actually working for it were in vain.

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    Well ****, I live in Vegas and couldn't go to SEMA. CAn we still try to win?

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    Default Thank you from a winner!!!

    I would like to thank Andy and Nicole for the opportunity to win the ArcStation!

    It was a genuine surprise to receive an e-mail from Nicole Muench that I was selected a winner!

    I know many people consider a welding table as a personal project to design and fabricate on their own and show their own skills, but I am one of those who like to be brand loyal as much as possible and found some of the design and features of the ArcStation, (especially the X-top clamp system!), and the other aspects a nice system!

    I was looking at the full 60" system and knew I would have to budget this as part of my shop renovation for 2010 and beyond, but this was like a Christmas present for me and a jump start to help me with getting the revised layout going!

    Thank you Andy and Nicole!

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