I hate to waste steel when I'm sure somebody could use it to practice with. I have about a 5 gallon bucket worth of steel end cuts etc. that is gathering dust and taking up space. A majority of it is 2 x 2 x 11ga square tubing with some round tubing and flat bar stock in lesser quantities.Probably nothing over 6" long. I'm not looking to sell it as I made my money on the larger pieces. So, here is my offer:

Using a USPS flat rate box, I will pack it full of the above material, I'd guess between 25-40 pieces will fit. Tape the box up well for safe shipment and send it out, usually with a day or two.

Postal website shows $10.35 as the price for a flat rate box 11-7/8 x 3-3/8 x 13-5/8" so that's what I'm looking for

Shoot me an email if anybody is interested