Thank You again for the good comments.

loudnproud looks like you've got a good bumper there. how did you bend those plates where it mounts to the frame?

The plate came from a friend of mine. He is an ironworker and he makes reference to these plates as ( bentplate ). I really have no clue as to what these are used for but he gets left overs of all sizes of thickness and size of flange and leg.

urch55 Great job your hired.!!!!!!

Looks like you did a real nice fabricating and welding job. How much tongue weight are you having to hold up. Reason I ask I only see one weak spot. But if you will have a 500 lbs or less you should be fine..

Thank You urch55

It would not be out of reason if I was to exceed 500 lbs.
I welcome any input as to a design flaw.

Pass-N-Gas Round off those corners..

Do yourself and every mechanic in the distant future a favor by rounding off those corners with a grinder then a flap disc.. Nice work just keep it safe for all of the people that work around it..

Yes I agree of the corner and sharp edge hazard. As soon as I decide if I can use the length of the receiver tube for the spare tire carrier, I plan to take the hitch off and dress up the corners and make it pretty with a good coat of black paint.