on my 3+3 dually, it had a performer carb on it and it would loose its prime after sitting. i had bought a fuel filter from jegs or summit, i cant remember, anyways it had a built in check ball to keep the fuel from bleeding back to the tank. it was an aftermarket in-line filter.well, the q-junk proved the reputation today. it started leaking fuel again (maybe the hard to start problem) and now it doesnt run very good at all. i took it apart and it looks like i am going to buy an edelbrock after all. the carb body itself has a crack in the front of it and the base is warped 9 thousandths from corner to corner. the stock intake is also cracked. i tore it down to the block and nothing there, but i am stumped now. what would cause the carb and intake to crack up like that? if i get time tomorrow, i will post pics of it. it can barely be seen up close, so i dont know how well it will show up in a pic.