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    Default Just Another TIG Cooler

    Thought I would update pics of my cooler now that it's done. Details really make the difference! I named my cooler a TorchMate 2.6 with no intention of stealing a product name from "Torchmate" (the makers of a cuting table. I ran across their name later on... good thing I capitalized the "M"!) 2.6 represents the capacity of the tank.

    The front of the cooler. I f'd up and got the stickers on a little crooked....ugh!

    Side View:

    The whole setup:

    It's not everybody that has a hot pink torch cover! A buddy of mine made it for me for free. He had the leather left over from another project. I like it cause it stands out and keeps me from tripping on it.
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    That's a pretty slick looking cooler. Great job.
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    Takes a real man to put a pink cover on his

    I suppose it is high visibility though, very nice sir!
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    Quote Originally Posted by On fire most of the time View Post
    Takes a real man to put a pink cover on his

    I suppose it is high visibility though, very nice sir!
    pink is the new black now.

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