Thanks for the compliments guys, I promise I wont hide all my welds under the these next pictures!

I added some wheels onto it this weekend after my half day, and just tested them about an hour and a half ago, works really nicely.

I wish the welds from the caster piece to the 10 gauge were a little nicer...but my helmet seems to be getting darker, and its hard to see a whole lot when im actually welding. Fortunately for me, my Optrel Satelite will be here tuesday, and I'll be able to use it from then on.

I also wish the welds on the table leg were slightly straighter, but since I already had the table on the legs, I didnt want to flip it back over, and welded it while it was propped up off the floor while laying on my side. Out of position is nothing new...but out of position and unable to see is not a good combination. I know its not going anywhere though, and thats the important thing.

Again, thanks for all the nice words and compliments!