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    Quote Originally Posted by sjmiller
    I'm teaching myself how to weld by mostly reading - and classes I can attend. Mig welding doesn't appear to create as much UV radiation as TIG does. Helment, gloves, and a Tee shirt worked fine with MIG. The first time I did so with TIG - my forearms were "sun burnt" - they crusted over and pealed.

    Safety is head to foot 100%, body parts do not regenerate..
    the MIG will fry you up just nice with heaps of amps
    wish I had a dollar for every time I've had rayburn and spatter burns over the last 27 yrs I wouldn't have to weld any more

    nothing worse than being up under the axles of a semi trailer doing a weld and getting burned no were to go in a hurry just have grit your teeth and bear it .

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    Default Flip-Flops

    I guess I shouldn,t wear flip flops anymore?!??!! jk. I was fortunate that I had shoes on that time. After all it was cold here. Something like 60 degrees. Typical N. FL winter/ spring weather.
    Time to learn & Time to burn...

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    You really should work as safe as you can. The green sleeves work good in the summer with a tee shirt. Can't wear the carharts when its 100 degrees outside or when your working in the sun. Winter is great welding weather. Had a piece of molting metal fell down the back of my boot. [wearing shorts] That hurt. If I'm going to be completely under something I'll put on coveralls but for bench top projects, I try keep my legs out of the way. Usually wear gloves, especially for a lengthy projects. I do alot of equipment repair so sometimes the welds are short then something has to be taken apart or put back together. Always wear glasses, or face shield. A hand can be sewed up but the eyes can't take much.

    work safe
    HMW [Heavy Metal welding]

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