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how about this one, if my wife new that i was telling this she would be soooo mad...lol

on the 4th of may i was rear-ended whike going to the tool store to get a set of brushes for my chop saw, no biggie. while that vehicle was in the shop and i was on my way to many doctor's visits, about 14 days later, to be exact, i was rear-ended again. i was driving my wife's brand new chevy HHR. it was driveable, so i drove it home. when i got home, i was scolded by my wife for following too close. "that is why you got rear-ended twice" she said. i almost laughed but kept it in. the next day she appologized for jumping me about wrecking her car, she said that she realized that neither ws my fault. i still tease her about following too close because she might get rear-ended...lol
Maybe she thought you were driving the car in reverse?