not too long ago, a man brought a trailer to me fro me to weld a piece of metal onto the tailgate. i cut and fit and pull out the machine to start welding. my hood is the miller elite '27 roadster and as i put it on, this man commented on my hood. i siad thanks. i then say cover and flip my hood down. after a few good tacks i hear the man yell "holy s**t" i look up quickly thinking that i started a fire and i see him holding his eyes. i said whats up and he said dang that light is bright. i told him that you are not supposed to look at the light. without missing a beat, he asked "well how are you looking at it?" resisting the urge of saying that keep my eyes shut while welding, i told him that the lens in the hood filters the light. he walked off, so i struck arc again. after about 5-10 more minutes, i hear him yell again and this time thinking "lesson learned" there really is a fire this time. i look at him and he is still holding his eyes and saying that it didnt work. "what didnt work" i asked. he handed me a pair of sunglasses. i asked him to leave and i would call him when the trailer was done. later he returns to pick up the trailer and i told him about potatoes and vicks rub for his eyes, we talked about drunk chickens. and how he had a hard time getting a beer can stuffed in a chicken. i told him about a can holder that i made that holds the can and has a leading edge to cut into the chicken and the push the can from the bottom while removing the tool. i made it out of aluminum. he said that he didnt want a chicken that had been in contact with a piece of aluminum. "what do you think a beer can is made of?" i asked. he said not aluminum. where do these people come from???