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Thread: Custom forklift

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    Awesome job!!!
    I agree with the new paint alone it doesn't look like the same machine!
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    very impressive!!

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    Thumbs up Forklift !!

    Wildfire, You are a Craftsman of the Highest Degree !!

    Very Impressive Workmanship, Congrats on a Fine Job !!

    .................. Norm

    Sunrise Outside My Shop In Delhi, Ontario

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    that looks very very very OK. no just kiddin you do good work.

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    wildfire: you have rally outdone the fork lift industry. i like the use of color on the rear steering and axle system. now i can expect to see a new show on TV **** my fork lift.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fabricator View Post
    Someone please give that man an award.
    And feed that Dalmation something to alleviate its stiffness.

    Wildfire: I do have to ask why, with all of the work you did, why you lapped the valves rather than grinding them? Were they already in pretty pristine condition?
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    Default forklift

    heck thats one of a kind forklift wildfire,very nice work indeed

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    You don't know this but that Dalmation is as quiet as an old dog

    After I removed the head It looked like there was top end work done in the past. The head was in great shape but it must have run hot because the valve stem seals were brittle and cut. The guides were perfect and the seats were also good. Even after I grind valves I lap them. I feel a valve job is not complete unless there lapped but that's just me and the way I do things. It's worked for me the last 49 years so don't go trying to change me now

    The old gal made her first lift this week. 3300 lbs and it was only a joke for her. It don't happen often but if I have to receive a heavy item from a tractor trailer the rig can't get up my 600 foot driveway because of the winding turns. Well that happened this past week so I started the beast ans went down to retreave it. It was funny when the driver said" What kind of lift is that"! He wanted to know about the lift and I wanted my items

    Thanks guys for you kind words. It's always nice to hear what others think. Some might say it was crazy to do it and maybe there right. I've done worst than this I think. Cheack my other posts and that will prove it but the way I see it is if your going to do something you may as well make it as enjoyable as you can.
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    Smile Custom Forklift

    That is outstanding. It takes alot of patience to take on a big project like that forklift and do a good job.. I have done a fair amout of machinest work. Sometimes welding and machinest work go hand in hand. Congradulation on a real fine job.
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    I agree with you anything worth doing is worth doing right! If you don't take the time to do it right the first time you never will.. besides I'd rather do it in the shop and not broke down on the road..

    He is my girl doing her morning exercise.. Why weld overhead when you don't have too.. Just flip it over and roll the deck back in the shop on a dolly. (Old trailer house axle-LR of screen)

    There's a tad over 4,000 on her (it's the deck for my 42' GN)


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    And a forklift to move the heavy stuff with..

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