I'm going to build a water cooler for my 200dx (dynasty) and there's some things i'm wondering about.

I'll probably just buy the DINSE connector but since i'm a small fab shop i have a lathe and mill at my disposal 24/7 (exaple i built my wp9 torch set with 3 collet sizes,12 foot hose and about 8 cups for under 90 bucks, but it retails with one cup and collet for about 167 at my LWS) I machined an extra ground dinse connector and even machined all the fitting and threaded parts to hook it up, but i'm baffled as to which lead on the wp2- carries current and how the adapter hooks up and looks.

I also made another post but got no answer that i know of at this point as to the proper water pressure on the pump of the cooler. I was going to use a shur-flo 150 (150 psi pump that can be turned down to about 70 or up to 200psi),a dirtbike radiator and a street bike cooling fan from a PC's 12v power supply which i have many of and just put it all in a pretty case.

Does anyone have a diagram of the dynasty one? (even just boxes with "in and out" and different color lones to distinguish water in and out and gas flow and power) It may sound dumb, but all the water coolers i have seen look like the catalog ones and even the catalog says the 200dx takes a special torch/hose/connector setup that is not pictured.

anyone help me out? I badly want a full 200 amp capable torch the size of my wp9