I know I may be a little off topic here and I sympathise with business owners trying to survive in the market. However, I think it's important to ponder the long term reasoning behind strict guidelines like the ones imposed when it comes to hexavalent chromium. When you look at the situation in the long run, it comes as a big expense up-front. But if you think about the number of cancer cases that might be avoided by protecting yourself, your father, uncle, aunt, who knows, how much do you save on doctors, medicine, lost work hours in the future because of illness, and or loss of life. If you put a price tag on all that, and you are the taxpayer, or your kids in the future, the short term pain seems like it is worth the long term gain. In Canada at least, I know that whatever the government pays for (in terms of health care) I pay through my taxes. Some air filtration systems and PPE might cost several grand today, but not doing it might cost several hundred grand in 20 years (for you, by way of the government increasing taxes to pay for it). Granted, it is quite an up-front cost, it seems the government could at least offer rebates (if they don't already) for buying PPE and Air filtration systems given that it will reduce the overall toll on the healthcare system down the road. If not, I suggest you talk with your local lawmaker to remind them that a stitch in time saves nine...or for the welders....

a few hundred spent of personal protective equipment
will save thousands on that cancerous predicament..

Anywho, that's my two cents!