What are you guys doing to meet the new hexavalent chromium rules?

I have a state "Industrial Hygienist" busting my ***** on the issue. He is threatening to shut me down or fine me into bankruptcy, if I don't comply to his version of the requirements.

Apparently, the gov doesn't differentiate between a factory that employs hundreds of people, doing nothing but welding stainless 3 shifts a day, and a one man shop that does small repairs on occasion.

He said an Speedglas Adflo type fresh air supplied helmet or respirator, and an exhaust fan wont suffice, and wants downdraft tables (like that would work with mig/tig), an elaborate "emission collection system", and a filtration system that would scrub all of the air in the shop,.....He also wants me to hire a independent company (read... expensive) to monitor the exposure levels.

A preliminary look into equipment and prices looks to be well in excess of $50,000.

I tried the "I wont weld stainless anymore" line,. but he stated that if there is even 1 welding machine in the shop, I cant prove that I wont and HAVE to comply, or go out of business.

SO,.............. what are you guys doing (if any of you are) to comply with these new regs?
The regs are so long winded (typical gov mumbo-jumbo)....... I can hardly even wrap my mind around them, and many states have added their own.


It looks like this stuff is the new "Asbestos" of the welding industry, and poised to put a real hurt on alot of us.