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Thread: High School Fun

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    Default Hands in their pockets..

    I bet they just had a good old game of pocket-pool going on there, and i bet the PRICK in the middle is winning............

    Sorry that is just what the old man use to ask me if i had my hand in my pocket...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Railmen View Post
    I bet they just had a good old game of pocket-pool going on there, and i bet the PRICK in the middle is winning............

    Sorry that is just what the old man use to ask me if i had my hand in my pocket...

    We used to say.."just playing some pocket pool but the Ref is a prick" LOL. Ah yes, boys will be boys.

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    They are well on their way to working for the US government, only need a coffee cup in the other hand, and they’ll be ready!

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    Nice job on the trailer. Good ideas on the storage of the accessories.

    Leg knockers on trailers, or anything else, stinks.

    That is something to be proud of!

    GOOD JOB!!
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    Since you asked I will give my honest opinion based from working off a portable welding rig for the last 22-23 years now.

    I dont like how there isnt a place to wrap your cables up. Its much easier to walk over to the side and peel off what you need verses gettting 50' or 100' sections out throwing them on the ground and pulling 25' over to the job.

    Looks to me like the cables are stored in the big tool box.- Hard to get to.

    It also looks like your tool box lid flips up which means things get piled on top of other things. I prefer a cabinet with side doors and shelves.
    I also like to be able to get my tools out without climbing up on the trailer.

    Another thing your missing a bottle rack for your 75/25 gas so you can mig weld out in the field.
    The Trail blazer does an excellent job at running portable mig.

    I would also recoment a rack to carry some ladders.

    These are just some tips for the next welding trailer that you build.

    I'm sure there are some reasons why you built it the way you did, cables are more secure in a locked box than the way I suggested and building a cabinet as I suggested cost alot more money plus all the extra weight of having shelves.

    Here are some pics of how I like my tool boxes, hangers for cables and mounting ideas for tanks.
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    Portable Welder, i like the idea of cabinets instead of boxes, but that one has a lot of waisted space for carrying just one kid, you could have made it much smaller. no point in spoiling him with all that leg room.

    kid's did a great job on the trailer. koodooes to them.
    thanks for the help
    hope i helped

    feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat.
    summer is here, plant a tree. if you don't have space or time to plant one sponsor some one else to plant one for you. a tree is an investment in our planet, help it out.

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    Wow! I'm a bit afraid to reach in my pocket for some change for lunch.

    I went back to some photos of a project that some of my students built back when I was a Vo-Ag teacher to see if we had any "hands in pocket slackers"... Yep! the guy on the left!

    (Turns out he is now the sales manager for the biggest Ford dealer in the area)
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