Thought you might enjoy looking at my Ag. Welding Fabrication Classes latest project. The class wanted to build something that would show their talent and be useful. Gary Davis's excellent welding trailer caught the attention of the class and was the inspiration for this project. I will add detailed pictures when time permits, but here are a few highlights of the project. The trailer is 5' X10' with 3 locking tool boxes, locking cable well, and a locking drawer under the welder. When designing the trailer a lot of thought was put into eliminating leg grabbers and shin bangers. We are currently finishing up a mechanics vice and a pipe vice that lock into the stake pockets. When not in use the vices will store in the drawer under the welder. A removable ladder rack and the fire extinguisher brackets are also in the paint room. My students will be checking the site and looking forward to your comments.1welder (Medium).jpg

2welder (Medium).jpg