I'm new here and have a question about a grill grid for my grill. The replacements are over $180, so I was going to get a new grill this year after 20+ years with the old one. But since I was laid of work and don't see anything coming up soon I need to go to plan "B", and rebuild.

I have only TIG welded stainless but since I don't have a TIG I'll need to stick or MIG weld it. I am leaning to stick because of cost (tank, gas, wire). Any suggestions would be great. I might have a small tank with nitrogen that I could swap for a mix gas but would have to check. Not much welding just a bunch of tack welds.

I checked the garage and I have a small tank about 14" tall of CO2, and a taller (around 18") and fatter tank of nitrogen. I also have this same size tank of C-25.

Also to the grill builders out there, any idea on what size stainless rod and the spacing I should use. This is a high end nat. gas grill so with this rebuild I'll be keeping it for another 10-20 years.