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    Yes, even our North AMERICAN friends.

    ha ha.

    The OP did post some nice work.
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    Esta bien.

    I like the idea and construction.

    I wonder if it could apply to a similar support for stock tubing, flat bar, angle and such?
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    This forum is in english,so should all post.Not discriminating just seems to make more sense no?

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    The pictures are in English,,,, Good enough for me

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    What I'm seeing here is actually pretty clever. Seems we have a moveable rack, that is collapsable for storage. It can also be adjusted in and out, as required, for the size of the pieces that will be put onto it.

    I'm guessing that solopripro is a woodworker or cabinetmaker or something, or he built it for a woodworker, with this he can wheel it over to the saw, place parts on it as he cuts them, then wheel it over to the planer, then over to the sander, etc. etc. Then finally over to the workbench, where he can take each part off and assemble the whole unit. Sounds like it saves a lot of wasted steps, and saves a lot of time not having to look under piles of wood for a certain part.

    Hey, solopripro!!!! Nice work, nice design, nice "English" language pictures.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nfinch86 View Post
    ARE WE ?????
    Si, oops! I mean, Oui!

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    Quote Originally Posted by walker View Post
    I am sure there are plenty of parts in the Miller machines that say "hecho en Mexico". Also plenty of good fabrication comes from Mexico. Just because you don't speak the same language is no reason for discrimination. His project looks sound.
    If you look at the upper right corner in his post you will see he is from Guatemala.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lanceman73 View Post
    How many of us "Americans" have either lost jobs or had to take pay cuts because of "Mexicans" that will work for ****? Do you live near a border town like I do? Drugs and mayhem all day long from the south! Thank you.
    In my experience, of the illegal, undocumented workers that work for less than minimum wage, about 95% of them were American citizens.

    Why would Americans chose to be illegal workers? Several reasons.

    They don't want the money to count against their food stamps or welfare benefits.
    They don't want money taken out for child support.
    They don't want to pay taxes.
    They have active arrest warrants and don't want to be found by the authorities.

    Now if you want to talk about drugs and mayhem, methamphetamines and prescription drug abuse is as big as heroin and cocaine. And that meth is cooked up right here in the good ol US of A by American citizens with no teeth and sores all over their face. After all, they sell their crank for way cheaper than the stuff trafficked from Mexico.

    And depending what neighborhood you live in, you can't let people know that a family member has cancer because that would risk armed home-invasion robbery to steal their supply of OxyContin.

    But the portion of the US drug problem due to trafficking across the border with Mexico gets blamed on hard working people who snuck in here to try to feed their family. Nobody ever blames the American doctors and lawyers that spend big bucks to party with coke, do they?

    They would not smuggle it if we stopped buying the stuff. The US is the largest user of cocaine in the world. I know a thing or two about drugs after watching a few people very close to me throw their life away, attending a few funerals, and working firsthand on overdose after overdose in the back of an ambulance. And after putting my life on the line so many times on the front lines of the war on drugs, I am very offended when someone basically blames day laborers for this problem, as well as all the other problems we got ourselves into.

    80% of failures are from 20% of causes
    Never compromise your principles today in the name of furthering them in the future.
    "All I ever wanted was an honest week's pay for an honest day's work." -Sgt. Bilko
    "We are generally better persuaded by reasons we discover ourselves than by those given to us by others." -Pascal
    "Since we cannot know all that there is to be known about anything, we ought to know a little about everything." -Pascal

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    Thumbs up muy bien

    Solopripro- Su proyecto es muy bien

    (permiso - mi espanol es muy poquito)

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    Default General reply to some bad manners

    I live in the San Diego area, have plenty of "Mexican" friends and co-workers who have about the same goals I do, they work to provide for themselves and family. They worry about border violence and drug crimes just like I do. I might also point out the gentlemen who shared his project with us is from Guatemala not Mexico and last I heard they were a part of the Americas also.

    Miller is more of a international company started in the United States with head quarters here but with manufacturing and sales of their equipment world wide. The last Miller manual I saw was multi-language (even if it was French). That would hint that any language is welcome here as the products are used where English isn't used.

    Lighten up, the man is trying to share something we have in common.

    Let's see more....
    (aka Fred)
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    Delta Drill Press & Grinder collection

    Needed - a bigger shop to use the stuff

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