i have been replace aprox 18M of a steam return line. this line has minimul pressure as its nere the end of the line (open end)

it is going to be tig welded.
i am not a welder or a boiler maker. (im a plumber) i am at tafe (collage as you guys say) doing a welding couse and we have just finshed off tig in all positions (sheet only no pipe) i have welded a few bits of pipe to make a bull bar for my car.

i think this job will be a good job to help build up my skills in pipe welding. i have welded some threads on the end of 15mm stainless steel tube on a compressed air line ready to be used and they held the pressure fine.

so you guys think i should go ahead and do it? i know alot of you guys are coded welders and dont like seeing a newbi welding somthing that could case damage.
i my oppinion this is low pressure so its going to be more forgiving on stuff ups, with tig there realy isnt anything you can stuff up on only undercut. so there for its should be ok for me to give it ago.

i was going to prep the pipe with a V and used a 1.5mm gap and used a 2.4mm ER70S-2 for both runs. would probably need 2 runs i would think