I am asking because I own the Maxstar 150-S and I have a TIG setup looking for a power source.
I was looking through the literature and the differences I see is the lack of a GTAW/SMAW switch so you don't have lift-arc, lack of remote control, and no solenoid for the gas. Would the Adaptive Hot Start screw up the TIG start?
Obviously, the STL or STH models are a lot better, but can I use my existing torch and get acceptable results?
Also, this is way out there, I have an old Sears HF unit that uses spark gap with a front panel on off switch. The switch could easily be remoted to a foot control box, the question is if it was connected to the out put of an inverter welder (like mine), would the HF unit ruin it?

I have been searching and reading threads on this forum for a week and have not found anything on these subjects. If it has been covered before, forgive me.