we have some of the nicest people in the welding world.
my Father parked his welding rig in the driveway and everyone that passed by could see he was a welder. and growing up I saw my Father on the weekends weld and give a lot of work away to help out the ones that stoped by and asked for help. and I guess this was instilled in me and I did not relize it at the time. but I have welded things and given lots of welding jobs away to all kinds of people. and I have had lots of things given to me and people helped me out. . like the guys at the steel plant to co-workers and all across the board...... seams like we are in a nice circle of people we run in circles with in the welding busines/hobie .. and even Miller giving out the free tape measures. I have not recived mine yet but hope it gets here soon
we have so minny nice people on this board that help each other out all the time by posting the answers to our questions.
I enjoy seeing others that I help. smile and like the quality welds that I do for them. thats enjoyment for me....just nice to help others out and to be on the reciving end also
I hope everyone agrees with me that we are in a nice circle of people we deal with in the welding industry.