Just need an opinion from all you guys . . .

My intention is to build or buy a CNC Plasma Cutter with a 4'X4' table. I want to operate it as a hobby machine for art / craft type of stuff. The reason for the small table, I can not imagine handling sheet larger, whether it be storage or getting on the table by myself . . . I'll be in a 2 car garage . . . :-)

My question to you guys is based on your experiences, where would you try to hustle additional work for my table.

I'm thinking, all types of shops;

1. motorcycle
2. 4X4
3. utility trailer
4. small fab
5. welding
6. machine
7. boat dealers
8. ornamental iron (fences, gates, etc . .)
9. farm equipment
10. lawn equipment
11. valve automation
12. truck repair
13. truck customizers
14. outdoor cooking (big down here)

These are the ones I have come up with . . . any thing else or comments on the above would be appreciated . . .

Thanks "WACKO" Steve