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    Hello 6010,

    Although both of these are very good units there are are some major differences between the Handler 187 and the Millermatic 180.

    1) The Millermatic 180 has variable voltage control vs tap voltage control on the Handler 187

    2) The Millermatic 180 has a cast aluminum wire drive housing vs the plastic drive housing on the Handler 187.

    3) The Millermatic 180 now has a direct connect spoolgun that is currently in rollout called the Spoolmate 100. This spoolgun will fit on the Millermatic 140, the Millermatic 140 with Auto Set and Millermatic 180. If you would ever have the need to weld aluminum this would give you an economical option.

    As I said before these are both very good units. You have to decide what features you want and how much you want to invest in a machine. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

    Kevin Schuh
    Ph: (920)735-4505

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    Jun 2007
    Camden, SC

    Thumbs up HTP Gets My Vote

    My vote goes to HTP, since I just ordered one yesterday and it's due to arrive tomorrow.

    In terms of quality, they've been around for 26 years, most of their products are manufactured in the US (and the ones that are made outside the US are made in the exact same factories as Miller and Lincoln have some of theirs made), and I have yet to hear a single negative thing about them.

    If you'll hold off for a few days and let me get mine in and set up, you can drive down to Camden and play with it with me or I'll load it up in the truck and take it to the fiancee's house in H'ville later this week since she's up in NY sailing on the QMII.

    Here's a link to HTP's page:

    Lemme know what you think. I've also got a recent copy with good prices (as of yesterday) of their latest catalog in PDF format and I'll email it to you if you'll send me your email address via PM.


    Clint Baxley
    Baxley Welding Service
    Rembert, SC 29128

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    I live in Cheraw, South Carolina


    I was wondering why you went to Hartsville, Now I know. And I thought it might be to work

    Thanks for the invite. I will be getting back with you on it.
    If I had know I was going to live this long, I would have taken better care of myself.

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