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    Default Help with fabbing heavy duty rails/ sliders for tool box

    Hey folks

    I've become a mobile mechanic and chopped the legs off my roll around tool cart and have tack welded it down into the bed of my el camino. In order to fit my air compressor back there and still have access, I initially have positioned my tool box facing side ways. Gives me a little room to work with, but it stinks because I have to lay half my body in to get my tools out. Take a look:

    Bad pic but you get the idea. I'm trying to get a little more time out of this el camino before I upgrade to a much needed van. Here's my question.

    Can you folks help me come up with a way that I could slide this thing out towards the tail gate, and have all the strength be from something welded to the bed, because this tail gate can't support any wait. I'm thinking it would take some kind of heavy duty rails, but I don't know what exists out there or where to get it.

    Or if we could come up with a way to let it lock down in the position its in, but have the ability to pivot it 90 deg. so the drawers face the back of the truck so I don't have to lay in like I do now, which is quite embarassing.

    I have a welder but no fab experience, I'm sure most of you could handle this but I don't know what hardware is out there that would be logical here.

    If your wondering why I welded it down, its strictly a theft deterrent, I figure anybody that wants to steal my tools is going to make a lot of noise doing it.
    And its' sitting so far back because my camper shell comes down at a tapered angle so thats the closest I could place the box towards the back and still be able to close the camper and tailgate doors.

    Thanks for any help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob View Post
    ...I'm thinking it would take some kind of heavy duty rails, but I don't know what exists out there or where to get it. ...
    Have you seen the commercially available stuff like Weatherguard?

    That might give you some ideas. Looks like there may be some links with detailed installation instructions that could also show you some ideas for doing it yourself.

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    Thank you very much. I guess that just about nails my question down.
    I'll have to get a price quote. A el camino should be about the smallest model sizing they have so maybe that'll be affordable.

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