On fire most of the time
I spy with my little eye...A classic 78?

if you are referring to my new .....used mower, its a 97. it had 330 hr's on it when i got it. some one replaced the motor in it recently, thats a big +. they were even nice enough to replace it with a Kohler command 19. a really nice motor. normally i would say all mower motors are about the same but this 19 hp is bigger than my B&S 23 thats in my other mower.it came with a 18 HP Kohler, and the one in it now looks nearly new. runs smooth and strong.
I'm going to tackle replacing the drive bely this morning, not a fun task.it seems i have to do some serious disassembly to get the belt off, bummer. but better to do it now then wait till its broken in the field some where. i gotta say I'm bummed out i don't have any thing left to mow although kinda nice to say I'm caught up on my mowing. don't think i ever said that last year with my other mower and i wasn't even mowing the hole yard last year. boy do i love this mower.
so after i get the belt changed I'm going to get back to some welding. i think I'll make a front bumper for it and possibly tackle some form of wrench carrier wile I'm at it. no matter what i get to, I'll be doing some welding and fabricating today, yaaaaaa!!! Finlay i get to burn some stuff this summer.