i love that tool box. surprisingly enough i never thought about building a better wrench box. i will have to get all my sets together and look at building some thing to do the job the way i want it to.

if i had an extra $1000 to spend on that tool box i suspect it would solve my storage problems...............and give me an excuse to buy more to fill it up.

the foam cut outs would work great if i had a big enough drower to keep them all in and could get the box to where it was needed.

i have them all in a fabric carry case right now. some thing from Stanly i think but cant remember its about 12"wx20"lx10"t that zips shut and has a shoulder strap. so far its been the best option i can come up with.

if build something I'll post up some pic's when i finish it.

thanks for all the idea's