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Thread: Trailer Trash

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    Default Trailer Trash

    I seek wisdom - I am in short supply.

    I realize that 'house trailers' come in a variety of qualities - from trailer trash to fine homes on wheels. (When I say 'trailer trash' I am speaking of the structure, not its inhabitants.) My question is the axles that they roll in on.

    I have access to 100 or more axles - some 8 feet long and some 12 feet long. They all seem to be 3" sch 40 size pipe. Most of them do have a bit of a wow or camber in them, I assume to flex as the trailer travels.

    Here's my question. I want to add gin poles to my truck. If I cut off the spindles the pipes would be the correct length. I realize that a length of 3" pipe, new, would only be about $100 but free is hard to pass up. What quality is the steel in the axles? Is there any reason that the 'axle gin poles' would not work. My winch is only 8500 pounds so that would be my limiting factor.

    I could not find a single tag on any of the axles - so I can't call the manufacturer.


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    The axles are just mild steel pipe. Don't trash the spindles or backing plates i know a few people looking for them...Bob
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    The axles are mild steel pipe and they come pre cambered so that the weight of the trailer bends them to zero so to get even wear on the tires.

    That doesnt mean theyre perfectly cambered but its better than not doing anything.

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    I have cut them to shorten them up befor and you cut them in the very center and take the same amount out on both sides and then weld it back to gather.

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    If you have a hundred of those axles you would be better off selling them to a whole seller, then buying new pipe. They may not all be worth a lot but if the shortest is eight feet they will buy them for cash. Feel free to pm me Im still in the mobile home buisness and have sold them for years.
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