Well, I have got my Millermatic 211 came last week and since I have never used MIG before the playing has been a learning experience.
I purchased a roll of Silicone Bronze because I want to braze with it, using an Argon gas tank. So here are some questions..........

It does not make a frying sound when using the Bronze wire, is that OK.

It seems to drip the metal into the puddle like a slow dripping tap, is that usual.

The settings on the inside of the machine do not work well with it, I presume this is because the Bronze melts at a lower temperature, what is if there is one, the rule for setting up this brazing method.

I got a flux cored spool from Lowes and got the frying sound but because of the firework show I could not see if it was doing the dripping tap deposit, just looked like a war zone at night.

Any help will be much appreciated chap's,