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Thread: Bandsaw

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    Quote Originally Posted by Larwyn View Post
    There is no doubt that the HF H/V bandsaw produces less than perfectly square cuts. However I have had little trouble getting close enough for welding purposes. If you need machine shop quality of cut, then you need machine shop quality machines. For the money, even with mods, I think my little HF bandsaw is an asset to my shop. With it I can make cuts quietly on Sunday mornings (not disturbing the neighbors, with out all the sparks and dust, and the parts are always cool enough to pick up immediately after the cut as long as I use the coolant pump.

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    Interesting photo. Could you tell us what some of the mods are? how do you collect the coolant?

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    Default Bandsaw Help

    Hi everyone,

    Not sure if i am posting this in the right place, but here goes, i want to buy a cheap bandsaw and have seen the following model : Sealey Professional 200Mm Bandsaw 240V Model No: SM1303. for a reasonable price.

    Has anyone ever bought one of these and are they any good ?

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