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Sweet, thanks. Pics werent blurry, mine always are lol

How much force does it take to actually bend, lets say .120 wall 1.75" MS tube? Or even your aluminum? Was wondering if I could mount it to the corner of my table, (~1800 lbs) Im running out of shop space fast.
On the aluminum it really doesn't take all that much force. I have never used it on steel and to be quite honest I hope I never do
That handle is probably about 4 foot long and I use it about the 2 ft mark.
I am certain it would work on your table.
When I bought the bender I purchased it from the owner of the company and he told me that he liked it mounted to a table best of all. That way it supported the pipe better.
I set mine up like that so I could take it down or rotate it. Maybe even make different stuff to fit the stands as well. But after over a year I have never moved it even once!!