As you guys are figuring out probably, I have decided lately I should be posting up more of my work. This is what I have been doing as sort of my job that I work on when the little jobs quit coming in or when it's too rainy to weld outside, or whatever.
I'm sorry for some of the pics quality but I am not as familiar with my cameras as I should be. The flash really does seem to become a factor when it's dark outside and the lighting is reflecting or whatever. Maybe I'll get better at this as I go.
My same friend that is building his own boats has begun making a 32' twin outboard, center console style boat. He asked me to make a t-top for it. So this is what I have come up with so far. I know there are folks here that could do these things in their sleep.
One thing I believe and tell folks is "anything worth doing is worth doing poorly until you get good at it" I already have done things that I will do different next time. I simply had to experience it firsthand.
This is also one of those type of deals where you pretty much have to simply be able to "wing it" or you will never get done. One reason is because if you take a tape measure to a boat you will soon find out nothing is square or level or plumb... just sorta close!.... But looks rules!
So I at least got the console over to my shop for awhile to work off of. This was after I was all over the boat coming up with ideas of course. I looked at hundreds of pics on the internet and pretty much knew I wanted this to look sorta racey but don't have a 3 roll bender at the time. My new Dynasty has pretty much ended that for awhile.

As you can see getting things to stay in place so I can visualize it is quite a challenge...thank God for ratchet straps!!

Coming up with a design for the canopy was also a challenge without a 3 roll bender as well. Most T-Tops I have seen are generously radiused at both ends. This is what I came up with in my mind and just drawing it out on the floor.
I have done a lot of crap off of the floor over the years. I wish I lived about a thousand miles closer to the coast so I could watch how the big boys do all this.
I thought it was pretty amazing that I got 2 completely different shapes to come together in the middle and be straight and flat.

This was what I decided to do as far as crossmembers. My thought was shedding water and not having sections pooling water either. it will have fabric stretched over it and laced to the sides around the entire perimeter.
This will be powder coated also as was the swim platforms in my earlier thread.