Well my el-cheapo starter mig died and I needed to make a better cart for my 180. The old cart had my mig, my arc, and my O/A setup on it making it just to heavy to leave the garage floor.

So I put a few scraps together to make a more mobile cart. If I remember correct the rear wheels are 11 or 12" and the front casters are 4 or 5". It was all in my head so there are no plans. But if anyone wants to borrow ideas from the pics, please feel free.

For now my tool trays are plastic specials from Big Lots. They should serve me fine until I get around to making trays from sheet metal. I may as well admit it up front. When I got to the handle on the front I managed to build the cart 1 1/2" to short, so I had to add it to the front instead of extending the front legs on up. All and all I think it turned OK pretty OK.

BTW the is the first project that I built and painted before I actually used it.