Hi folks,

I've been wandering around the forums for quite a while. Lots of good information.

Here's the situation:

I'm planing on building a log splitter over the next while, as the $$ permit. I purchased a Miller 140 (yes, I know, definitely underated for this project), and also have various tools including cut off saw and angle grinder.

I figure that my next investment is going to by an O/A kit, as cutting and pre-heating is going to be necessary....

Anyhow, now to the question:

My design is going to need me to rip square tube (6" and 8") along its length. Given the tools that I have, I'm thinking that spending lots of time and wheels with the angle grinder. However, I would like to have as straight of a cut as possible.

Any comments and/or ideas?

Thanks in advance!