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    Default spoolmate 100

    I do not think changing the style of tip is going to solve the problem he is having just makes it cheaper to replace tips. I think it may be the end user that needs to adjust to the situation. diverdown
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    Use about 3/4" of wire stick out. I too have burned a few tips using my spoolmate 100 on my Miller Passport plus, especially if you don't have much stick out. The wire speed has to be high, you need to move fast, pushing the gun along, I run around 20cf of argon. Also give the gun a rest after a few minuets of use, it over heats before you will ever hit the duty cycle of the welder power source.

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    Well as of right now I am not going to have any time until maybe Saturday to do any welding. I did get a container of nozzle dip and will try that along with turning up the wire speed. If I still have issues after a few hours of practice I will do the contact tip modification. I will also post a few pictures and see what everyone thinks. Once again for all the replys!!!

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    Here are some pics of the mod. I am glad i did it and never would go back to a normal small tip...Bob

    1st pic. Remove barrel from gun then remove small screw and push out copper tube.
    2nd pic. Face off 1/16 or so from the end of the tube.
    3rd pic. Drill 7/32 or #3 if you have it. Drill about 9/16" deep. Chamfer the inside a little.
    4th pic Tap with a 1/4-28 tap and use a tailstock center for a guide.
    5th pic Done
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