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Nice looking trailer. Is the trailer going to have a steel deck or just be steel at the rear and wood for the rest? I mow grass for a few friends and family for a little cash on the side, I surly do wish the deck of my trailer was built with some 2" raised expanded metal. The kids didnt know that I was a acrobat until they saw me hop right up on the trailer after it rained. Let me tell ya I made an ALL STAR move, no blood-no foul so all was good in the end.

Again : Great looking job. Please let us see a few pics after its painted.
we ended up putting on a wood deck. the 2x12s are recessed into the trailer so they are flat with the diamond plate and the rest of the deck. i have got some pics of it now thats it painted, i just havent gotten them off the camera yet though. ill try to get to em today

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Looks heavy duty for sure.

Like the dump box. Sure beats raking junk out the back of a trailer.

Did I miss something? Didn't look like any brakes on either of those two axles. Couldn't see the tongue to see if it was set up for surge or electric.

Be interesting to see her loaded up. Any concerns with spring travel and clearance to the fenders?
at that time there were no brakes on yet, we did get them put on, they just werent shipped with the axles and just wanted to get things rollin. easy access with the deck out though. also, we did end up moving the fenders up because of spring travel and the tandem stablizer. i told him he needs to put an adjustable tounge on it for height adjustability, but it still works this way.

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Looks like you did a very nice job and a lot of work.

What are your thoughts on the tongue weight? According to the EPA, 3 cubic yards of grass weighs 840 lbs. Then there would be the weight of the steel box, the hydraulic cylinder, tool box, etc.
You might be spottin raccoons with the headlights.
we loaded it up and put the mower all the way foreward and had about 7 people in the box and the pickup only moved about an inch total. he's getting some air shocks to adjust level on it though but until then it will just have to work for him.

He went and got it weighed today and found out it was 2080 lbs without load. and tounge weight is around 275 unloaded without grass. if anyone has some more questions on it, fire away! thanks for the nice comments