It is great to have a welding machine at the house. I will try to make this short, but I am building me a small welding shop behind the house. I do a little side work and make stuff for freinds and family all the time. Basically I grew up in my Dads welding shop as a kid and you just can't get that out of your blood. So I decided to build me a small work shop.

Anyway, I have a 9'X7' door coming out the side of the shop and wanted a small patio out there. A freind of mine works for a concrete company and got 16 - 2'X3'X3 1/2" thick patio blocks for free....

These things weigh in at around 320-350# each. We unloaded them by hand from the trailer and at that time I decided to either rent a bobcat or come up with a way to manipulate these into position because I wasn't going to carry them anymore.

That is when I came up with this;

It is my cherry picker that I just welded a tongue and support brace to. All I have to do is remove 3 bolts from the base of cherry picker frame and drive off with it. It attaches to my lawn mower like this;

When i want to remove it, i just back the tractor over the cherry picker frame and bolt it back down and remove the pin and bolt from the tractor.

I had to add some counter weights to the front, John Deere makes them, but why buy when you can make;