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    Default took a few pics of cooking rig almost done

    Here is a few pics of my smoker. I am terrible at taking pics of welds and having them turn out in focus. But there is a few weld pics and then several pics as i remembered to grab the camera. The whole idea is to have this rig set-up the way i want it so that when I get a new trailer I can swap it right over. With any hope I will be able to cut the legs and move it over as one piece to a new trailer. I just cant make up my mind if I want to build a trailer of wait for a good deal to walk along. I had to pass up a 16 foot by 7 foot wide tandem for 600 bucks, I wasn't happy but the wife said we needed the money for important things.

    I have started loading my pics to a pic site that resizes them and I can edit and correct the pics with ease, but I cant link them to the room. So here is a link to the site that I use.

    I realize I am no pro, but I think its starting to come along.

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    Hello Tom,
    Very interesting, This is used for tail gate party's or do you do catering?
    How do you remove the table from the ceiling?

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    IMPORTANT.....What could be more important than man stuff like trailers and welding? I didnt notice a spot for the fridge. Is there one? What is the score bord looking thing at the back? Throw a shrimp on the barbi..... be right over

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    I'm diggin' it
    Why not re-furb and use the trailer it's on now? Looks like the cheapest way and heck paint hides a lot. Get some lumber as you go and do the floor etc.
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    G6racer I dont cater for profit, I only do it for friends and family. A friend and myself do 3 to 6 contest a year but for that we use the large rig. I do help out with a fund raiser at least once a year where we will cook between 200 and 500 slabs of pork ribs. BTW the only tailgating I do is in my driveway, its safer that way. The tables are in a frame thats on a hinge that folds down and I can reach up chest high and get a hold of it and I'm ready to go.

    57Belair, The fridge is next to the computer for now. When I come up with a good plan it will incorporate into the design. And the score board looking thing was suppose to be a football field and the stacks were suppose to be the goal post. As you can see I am no artist. Someone say SHRIMPS??? 6 or 8 of them wrapped in bacon and shoved on a stick is the only way to go.

    FusionKing, The trailer that it is on now is fine for the time being. It is a narrow trailer, if I remember correctly the tires are only 6 feet apart and the springs are in sad shape. The frame is homemade from 2 in square tubing 5/16th wall. Like I said it is fine for now, I just dont want to travel with it on the highway as I am a little on the tall side now. So as long as I can move it I am happy. Well as long as the wife is happy.

    Does anyone know of a product that I could use for this.
    During the design I had a flaw with the side flaps. When the sides are down I have about a 3 inch gap and when there up there is probably a 2 inch gap that I need to cover up with something. The reason I want to cover it is so that when it is raining my tables will stay dry. I have thought of using some kind of rubber but I want it to last in the sunlight. I do have 2 large banners that were made for outdoors, that I may try to cut and use. I would love to hear any ideas or input that anyone has.

    Thanks Tom

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