Here is a few pics of my smoker. I am terrible at taking pics of welds and having them turn out in focus. But there is a few weld pics and then several pics as i remembered to grab the camera. The whole idea is to have this rig set-up the way i want it so that when I get a new trailer I can swap it right over. With any hope I will be able to cut the legs and move it over as one piece to a new trailer. I just cant make up my mind if I want to build a trailer of wait for a good deal to walk along. I had to pass up a 16 foot by 7 foot wide tandem for 600 bucks, I wasn't happy but the wife said we needed the money for important things.

I have started loading my pics to a pic site that resizes them and I can edit and correct the pics with ease, but I cant link them to the room. So here is a link to the site that I use.

I realize I am no pro, but I think its starting to come along.