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Actually Jon, If your torch outfit is a Victor you may already have a grade T hose. Victor Equipment has been shipping grade T hose in their cutting outfits for the past few years. If you look on the hose it should read "acetylene only" or " all fuel gases". If you can't read it play it safe and replace te hose with a grade T hose. Then just changed out your tip to a propylene tip and you are set.
Important thing to remember: you can use an acetylene regulator for propylene, but you can NOT use a propylene/propane regulator for acetylene. The reason for this is because propylene/propane regulators have the ability to be used at a higher pressure than 15 PSI. It is ILLEGAL to use acetylene at anything higher than 15 PSI.
Thanks. Unfortunately, my Victor uses a RM hose. But my Nortel bench burner has a T hose.