Hey guys. Noob welder here, and first time poster (have been lurking for a while now). I thought I'd share with you my first project.

I bought a rather large go-kart frame from a friend of mine. It was an abandoned project that was just laying in his garage, so I offered to buy it so he could recoup some of the cost of materials.

I did some hacking on the frame, and it is my intention to make the frame into an multi-purpose trailer for my lawn mower.

What I mean by multi-purpose is, the basic frame will have mount points so that I can fabricate different chassis attachments that bolt onto the frame: one set of wheels and frame for multiple tasks. The attachments I'm currently planning are rocket ship (I'll explain that one in this post), flatbed yard hauler, and yard sprayer. I don't have any plans past that, but the platform leaves room for some future expansion.

OK, so onto the rocket ship. I have two baby daughters, 2.5 years and 10 months. This past fall we went to a local apple orchard, and they were offering rides on little piggy trailers they pulled behind a lawn tractor with a fiberglass cover that dressed it up like a fire engine. My oldest daughter absolutely LOVED it. In fact, she loved it so much that when the ride was over, she promptly threw a temper tantrum, kicking and screaming the ground. Gotta love the terrible twos!

So anyway, I decided I wanted to build something similar, but one that would service both of my girls. I already had this go-kart frame, so I decided to build something the girls could ride in on top of it.

The piggies were cute, but instead I decided to take 2 55 gallon drums, weld them together, and build a rocket ship! Its my intention to run the girls around the yard with this thing, but then also hopefully run them in the local township Independence Day parade.

I'm using a small Craftsman MIG welder. The welds are strong but extremely ugly. I have had a lot of problems with burnthrough on the thin 55 gallon drum steel. I would love some advice on that issue if anyone has any thoughts.

I attached some photos for your pleasure. Please offer advice! Thanks!