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    All the customer has to do is show that rail in court and how badly it was made.The way you described it, uour friend doesn't have a chance!!!
    (My friend that did boat trailers for a living went to court a few times as an
    "expert" and they would go out to the boat trailer that was taken to the impound yard. He would always point out how the person who designed and welded that trailer made his mistakes. Most of them were cold welded with toes not even melted in the base metal. Would have been better off buying a cheap store-bought trailer! On the other hand, it was found that the owner of the store-bought trailer was found negligent, 'cause there were big holes in the axle from rust and no preventive care...)
    I'm not late...
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    Default Leaking?

    A regular customer brought her car in last week with an exhaust noise. A chain muffler shop had welded the pipes, and they looked a lot like that roll cage. Can't understand how it could still leak with all of that goo on it.


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    My concern is, how does somebody like that make it through life holding a welding job and make good wages yet.

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    Oh I doubt that a dobber like the one on the roll bar makes good wages. He did that for himself and is proud of it.

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    i think the problem is the guy that applied for the job in the other post.(with similar talents) and had been working in the welding trade. if he in fact was its guys like him bringing the wage and expectations of employers down for the guys that would rather run nacked threw rose bushes than make a weld like that. makes it harder for the true welder to get a decent starting wage when people like that call themselves welders, or any trade for that matter. i had the same problem with carpenters back when i had my comp. too many would get a job as a helper and a week later think they were carpenters and aether want a raise or quit and go tell some one else they were a carpenter to hire on at a better wage.
    having the tools and a basic idea of how to use them dose not a true craftsmen make. be it the craft of welding carpenter or any of the other trades out there..
    sorry rant off.
    thanks for the help
    hope i helped

    feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat.
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    at least you know that the man doesn't do this for a living, otherwise there would be far more concern. junk like that will get a man thrown out of a job site. and it makes kittens cry.

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