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    Looks to me like there's still contamination in the bead. Hard to tell if it's coming from the base material or from the tungsten. What type tungsten are you using (old school taught pure for the Sync 250--not anymore)? I would recommend trying 1/8" zirconiated. The second photo, towards the right side, shows something (contamination) on the bead which may have come from the tungsten.

    Another factor/question which comes to mind is how was the base metal cut? Was it sheared, saw cut, or cut with plasma. There have been documented cases where the base material, when cut with plasma, introduced a degree of contamination to the weld. Poster (can't remember name) had problems building an aluminum skiff with metal which had been plasma cut. Found he had to grind the edge to remove the contamination.

    Balance set to 8 (more penetration) seems a little high, but the etched zone (where cleaning occured) seems more than adequate. I don't think that's your problem.

    Don't know what your amp setting was, but I'd try running a little hotter and faster when using 5356 filler.

    Also, I'm assuming you did a good job of cleaning the filler material (scotchbrite and acetone wipe). If not, that can also introduce oxides into the weld.

    One other thing, I'm assuming you're keeping your filler in the covering gas envelope. Removing it completely and then moving back to the puddle will also introduce oxides.

    Keep us posted.

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    I get that look on a "wash" over
    I see where it had the tungsten touched before the present welding.

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