Hiya SundownIII:
That's just my class coupons. But when I'm pretending to weld alum, I am in heaven. Last night I learned that 3/32" filler is too small for 1/8" plate fillets, I can't keep up with the feed rate. Now that I think about it, feeding the filler through my fingers, isn't my strong point. I had been messing around with .060 - .100 and 3/32" was working ok. But I was edge welding (pretending to fix props), so the 3/32" was better suited. I won't have to worry about tripping, on my way down.

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No doubt the guys that can stack them dimes consistantly give you and me a lot to look forward to.
What I think they're giving me is a headache.
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(I plan to cut up some more 1/8" coupons today/tomorrow and start all over (my other coupons look like someone tried to hard face on them).
Hot flash: Use 1/8" filler for fillets. None of my 3/32" tungsten were happy on 1/8" alum (Zirconiated, Ceriated, Lanthanated), so I went back to the 1/8" green I was using. Most likely my points were too sharp for the amps.

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(I am off to a gun show) to look for a XD40 for Craig :-)
Yea, yea, yea XDM9212HCFP 40. Capacity 16 + 1