Well, here it is. After pestering you guys with a bunch of n00b questions, i finally did it. this is my first welding project. i have never welded before, just thought it would be fun to pick up an extra skill set... and i have a wrought iron gate that needs to be repaired.

the frame is made with 2"x1" square tubing, i dont know how thick it is, but its the red stuff. top is 3/16 thickness and 2'x4'. With the top on, the table is 40 inches tall, I planned it this way so i can weld without bending over constantly. In addition, since the table is only 2 feet deep anyway, I wont have to reach over the top too much. All oxy/ac welded, as that's all that's available to me.

As i read on this and other forums, since i have no chops, i shouldn't weld the top onto the frame because it might cause heat distortion to the top, so when i need to use the top, i put it on and clamp it down. it will also work as a barebone table when i add more slats to the top part of the frame. eventhough i dont have a "legit" table since the top isn't welded on, I can see the positive side of being able to choose and get best of both barebone and table with a top. unfortunately, the top is heavy when i NEED the top. anyway, here's the pictures

it doesnt look it, maybe, but i'm a pretty big (wide) guy, this table supports me just fine

here it is topless

here it is with top on, clamps that usually clamps the top to the frame are not in the pic.