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    Dec 2005
    markham, ontario, canada


    Quote Originally Posted by Cole
    Hooo Hummm , probally won't recieve my tape, just like the miller catalogue i ordered and haven't recieved. I wonder to myself if they ship to Canada?

    yes they do ship to canada... i got mine in the mail today... very nice tape measure.. now i actually have one with metric on it if i ever find i need it

    thank you miller...

    now if i can find myself a deal on the dynasty 200, i'll be set [ran out of cash at christmas when it was on sale locally ]
    Nick Leinonen

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    Thanks Miller for the tape. Haven't been brave enough to get mine dirty yet but I know it will happen being around here.

    The metric really took me by surprise. Hardly ever use that side of the tape, but my nephew doesn't know anything else- HOW LONG IS IT? ABOUT 46.5 CENTIMETERS. HUH??????? The kid just can't get it through his head us 'old people' still don't use metric everyday.

    I still don't know what half a meter looks like, but I can tell 2 feet from three!!
    Thanks again Miller
    Amos F

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    Jan 2006

    Default tape

    Thanks miller, tape looks good beside my tb 302.

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    Mar 2006
    Central Florida

    Default Where's Mine?

    How does one go about gettin' one of these tapes I'm hearin' so much about? If it's for free, it's for me!
    TA Arcmaster 185 w/TIG/Stick Kit
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    MM140 w/o AS w/SM100 & CO2
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    Lincoln Patriot Autodark (freebie)
    .45ACP Black Talons for those difficult jobs

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    Default Tape Measure Appreciation

    Without a doubt the nicest tape measure that I own. Miller spent a fortune to send it to me. Thanks Miller.

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    Quote Originally Posted by REDHOUNDSMAN View Post
    ... Miller spent a fortune to send it to me. Thanks Miller.
    Where did they send it? Welcome to the forum. Seems there were quite a few who registered early and are just now getting their first posts in. Feel free to check back and participate often!

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