Thanks, Kevin.

As most of you know, I opted to go with the HTP 2400 and RSG250 spool gun combo. This was not in my original comparison chart, but Jeff Noland at HTP talked me into it.

I can't remember if it was Dda or someone else, but whomever mentioned a 20+ year old grudge with Lincoln, I'll be there in another 18 years! My beef is only 2 years old with them, but I'll be holding it for a while.

I will say this: Miller's 3035 and HTP's RSG200 are made in exactly the same factory, on exactly the same production line. The only difference is the label.
I will not say what country they're made in, but suffice it to say that quality control in that particular plant is EXTREMELY tight!

Conversely, while HTP's RSG250 looks identical to Lincoln's MT250X spool gun, HTP's version is made in the USA under strict ISO guidelines and quality control; the difference being that Lincoln's equipment is made to the same specs, from the same set of blueprints, but made in a foreign country (south of us...) with very little quality control. I have independently verified this information.

HTP offered me a 90-day money-back garantee if I'm not satisfied. So far I couldn't be happier with what I've gotten but it's nice to know that the HTP folks stand behind their products.

For anyone not interested in the HTP, or maybe someone already has a Miller and wants to stay Blue, I would still recommend Miller's 3035 and/or MM210/MM212 to absolutely anyone who asked me!