Stopped by a buddy's shop today to ask his advice on a trailer issue I'd never run into before (nice having a fellow 1989 classmate living in the same town who has 15 more years of experience than I do!!) and noticed that his three helpers were all MIG'ing at the same time on a contract he has going on. One of them was using a DW302 with a D-75DX feeder, one of them was using an Invision 354MP with an S-75DX, and one of them was using a MM210 with 3035 SG. Then, my-buddy-the-boss was using a L255C with a Magnum 250 SG. I asked him (since I have a L PT185 in the back of my truck) if, since he was the boss, he got to choose the "best rig" in the house to work with. Yeah, right. He stopped production by his other three welders and brought them all over to where we were standing and said "Ok...Clint wants to know what you guys think is the best welder/spoolgun setup in the shop is for aluminum and carbon. He has a new contract and is going to buy either the MM210 with a 3035 or he's going to buy a Lincoln 255C with a push/pull setup. What do y'all think?"

Response 1: "Do yourself a favor and buy the Miller 210 and save yourself the heartache."

Response 2: "Go ahead and buy the Miller and give me the extra $1000 bucks you'd spend on the 255C and push/pull."

Response 3: "Tell ya what...come over here to my station and give me 10 good beads in a row with the '210. Then, if you can give me 10 good beads with the Lincoln that look just as good, I'll give you $500 and you'll be halfway to accomplishing what he said (Response #2)."

So......what did I do? I asked my-buddy-the-shop-owner if he would let me run 5 beads each on the MM210 and the L255C.

The difference was NIGHT AND DAY!!!!!!!!!! How the H*LL does Lincoln get away with being "an official NASCAR sponsor" and all that other hoop-la????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????? I mean, I don't have tons of experience with a spool gun and the only Millers I've ever played with were Synchro 350's back when I was learning to TIG aluminum in 2000/2001, but HOLYJEEZUS the difference was as plain as night and day!!!

Okay...end of rant. Just thought you guys would appreciate all that. Guess I'll be buying a MM210 and 3035SG in the near future.... Anybody know who I can unload a Lincoln PrecisionTIG185 on so I can buy me a Dynasty 200 DX????