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I know this, I dont use the test as a basis to say Im a certified welder in cro-moly tubing. I include it in my resume along with all classes and jobs I have done to show that I have experience TIG welding, but other than that I know it has no real purpose. Considering that as far as I know there isnt a clear cut certification for TIG welding processes because there is so many different possibilities and different factors possible. Lincoln Electric didnt really falsely claim that by passing their test you are legitimately certified, they even state that its just a test to show that your weld withstands more tensile stress than the base metal. If you take the advanced motorsports class there you actually have the option to do a certified test that gets mailed out to some aerospace association (dont know exactlly what one), and they do the testing and certification.
I also want to say I dont think these classes are a waste or just another way to gain customers. I spent a week, 8 hours a day every day studying metallurgy, processes, and most of all welding, everything from stainless, to aluminum, mild steel, and cro-moly. The advanced class you get to do titanium, magnesium, more stainless, cro-moly, and inconel. And theres no limit, theres huge canisters filled with shrink wrapped and sealed metal coupons and tubing, all sizes and thicknesses, and you just keep grabbing handfuls for hours. You meet professional fabricators from the motorsports industry too, sometimes they even watch you weld, work with you, etc. I dont know about any of you guys, but no trade school around me offers that.
Where did you take this class?