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    Default Bit of a problem with my Legend NT...

    No arc whatsoever with stick...TIG looks like a miniature Tesla coil dancing all over metal with no heat at all. Machine will not idle down at all unless solenoid is unhooked. Using a HF unit also. Any theories would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Legend

    Try an check the diodes, should be 4 ofthem inside somewhere.
    I had this problem with my hobart, cost me about 150.00 parts 5-6 years ago.
    Made a big difference like they were getting weak before they burned out.
    Good luck

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    Generally all the power to run the circuit boards and stuff comes off the rotor, so that would lead me to start there. Check the condition of the slip rings. If they are dirty, they will not conduct. If one of the brushes are damaged, broken or stuck, then again, the unit won't conduct.

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