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    Forgot to add that hypertherm includes a circle cutter which you will find very handy.
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    call me old fassioned but, unless you are cutting thin guage or stainless, use a torch. really, what's the big hurry?

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    There's a difference between being old fashioned and obsolete.

    I've been torch cutting for 50+ years. With that said, I have two plasma cutters in the shop and wouldn't want to part with either of them.

    When was the last time you cut 1/2" SS with your torch?

    When was the last time you cut 1/4" aluminum with your torch?

    When was the last time you cut a gasket out of 24ga copper with your torch?

    When was the last time you cut out a body panel with your torch?

    Granted, a torch is a valuable tool in skilled hands, but there are many things which a plasma cutter can do that can't be equaled with a torch. Both are valuable tools that should be in any "well equipped" shop.

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    Thumbs up "First, Came the Rock"

    In my vast collection of tools, I have a rock hammer, held onto a stick handle with leather lace. Primitive, but it works.
    "Bonne journe'e mes amis"

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    Quote Originally Posted by MNT View Post
    Doesn't Hypertherm make the cutters for Miller?
    Just to clarify Hypertherm does not make any cutters for Miller. It is actually the other way around. We make the Powermax 190 for them and used to make the Powermax 380.
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    Those are all very good machines. But one thing I would reccomend is to not get a smaller machine that is not capible of cutting the thicker steel. When I was purchasing my first plasma cutter I thought I was only going to be cutting 1/8th inch and thinner steel. As my welding career progressed I began to need a machine to cut thicker steel (1/4 inch and up). Then I regreated buying that small machine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jmpgino View Post
    Hello all,
    I have been reading your posts and comments for a year now. From comments made by members I purchased a Dynasty 200DX my first welder. Having great fun but regarding the cutting side of life, I am rather fed up with the hand grinder and hack saw methods. So my very first request is advice on the purchase of a plasma cutter. Of these three what would you suggest.................

    Spectrum 375 or the X-TREME or Thermal Dynamics cutmaster 39

    There seems no advantage other than weight between the two Miller units am I right or wrong. The third choice is not BLUE I know but there seem to be a lot of them about out there, indicating that they can not be all that bad.
    The prices are close together, they all use dual voltage and cut about the same. If you would suggest I look at another model please do so.
    Thank you for help and also thank you for teaching me during my reading of letters posted over the past year.
    One extra comment and one that I hope is not held against me, is that I am British and have been living here since 1990.
    In all honesty you've picked the best Plasma cutters on the market Thermal Dynamics,Miller,Hypertherm,I've used all three so you can't go wrong with either. I will add that the Miller 375 X-Treme would be my choice,notice how the Miller tech posted his thoughts and didn't bash any of the other brands. That is a quality which shows you dont have to bash others products to make yours look good it speaks for itself. Watch the video of the Miller and you decide.

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    I had the Miller rep tell me that Hypertherm used to make the torches for Miller and now they are "similiar" but not interchangable.

    I did the same comparison and purchased the Hypertherm PM-45 for it's slight increase in capacity over the 375 and I am happy! (I can't imagine you would be unhappy with the Blue cutter.

    I agree with Sundowner, why use a torch to cut if you have a choice. There is a major diffence in process/distortion and as well cutting accuracy (when manually cutting). IMHO no tool in a home welding shop is more valuable!!! You can nearly due your cutting in the wood shop safely (almost)

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    Default Well, I chose one.

    Well, chaps I would like to thank you for your advice and help in choosing a plasma cutter. I opted for the Hypertherm Powermax 30 model also purchasing in the deal the case and circle cutter configuration. I doubt if I will need to cut anything thicker than what this model is designed to do, I do have an Oxy set and will have that as the extra option, if thicker material comes my way
    My choice had to handle both 110v and 220v and after seeing the Jay Leno video as well as the Hypertherm video both which I have attached here, I felt that it was my best option. The never had a returned unit from the Air Gas manager was also a big persuader.
    The torch size was also a choice winner because the Thermal Dynamics model has a torch and cable configuration that was at least twice as thick and large, the visibility with the Hypertherm torch model was also so much better.
    I will more than likely be buying a Mig welder later on this year and it will be a Miller, there is no question about that option. At least I am helping keep some American men in work. The news on the economy at the moment it bloody awful, the whole world seems to be in a downturn as we all know and for those of you who are doing welding for a living, my best wishes go out to you, it must be hard and worrying for you at this time, if the government is going to spend this money wisely, there is going to be plenty of industrial style construction for your attention.
    Good luck and thank you all once again.

    James the Limey.

    Here are the two video's I found persuasive.

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    Question Plasma Torch

    Quote Originally Posted by Miller Brian View Post
    Just to clarify Hypertherm does not make any cutters for Miller. It is actually the other way around. We make the Powermax 190 for them and used to make the Powermax 380.
    The torches on both the Miller and Hypertherm plasma cutters look nearly identical. I understand that the consumables cannot be interchanged, so my question is "who makes the torches?"

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