Hello all,
I have been reading your posts and comments for a year now. From comments made by members I purchased a Dynasty 200DX my first welder. Having great fun but regarding the cutting side of life, I am rather fed up with the hand grinder and hack saw methods. So my very first request is advice on the purchase of a plasma cutter. Of these three what would you suggest.................

Spectrum 375 or the X-TREME or Thermal Dynamics cutmaster 39

There seems no advantage other than weight between the two Miller units am I right or wrong. The third choice is not BLUE I know but there seem to be a lot of them about out there, indicating that they can not be all that bad.
The prices are close together, they all use dual voltage and cut about the same. If you would suggest I look at another model please do so.
Thank you for help and also thank you for teaching me during my reading of letters posted over the past year.
One extra comment and one that I hope is not held against me, is that I am British and have been living here since 1990.